On our December cruise to the Caribbean, we requested a “gathering of Freemasons” at which 19 assorted brethren from England, Scotland and Wales attended.

Surrey was well represented with two Brethren. Namely Past Provincial Grand Master Lt.Col Denis Phipps, MBE and myself.

In short order, Denis was proposed and seconded as President of our little group.

I volunteered to act as treasurer for the Charity Drinks Reception to be held on the 14th December 2016.

Come the day, the Reception saw 50 attending which included Captain Ashley Cook and his wife, the Deputy Captain Tomas Connery and two Masonic Widows.

£735 was raised from ticket sales and the raffle, which was donated to the Macmillan Charity. As an aside, on my first night at dinner at our allocated table, I was greeted with “well done” from someone who’d spotted my Masonic ring.

Both he and his wife were a Masons in West Lancs. I suspected that my wife quickly envisaged 24 dinners of conversations around Freemasonry!

Alan Corb, New Era Lodge 4057.

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