lingfield lodge

Lingfield Lodge No 7802.

Freemasons Lodge in Nutfield, Surrey.

Meeting Dates:

The second Monday in February, April, October and December.

About Lingfield Lodge in Nutfield, Surrey.

We are Lingfield Lodge in the Provincial Grand Lodge of Surrey.

We meet at the Nutfiled Masonic Centre in Surrey.

A brief history.

The Lodge was consecrated on 19th December 1961.

Of the 28 Founders, one of them is still with us, W. Bro. Mitch Olivine.

The Founders business interests ranged from selling prams, Butcher, Dentist, Tobacconist, Jeweller, Hoteliers, Builders, Garage Owner, Accountants and Undertaker.

The Lodge initially held its meetings at the Red Barn Public House at Blindley Heath, Lingfield, until it moved to the Nutfield Masonic Centre, in January 1977.

The Temple at the Red Barn had to be “set up” before each meeting as it was generally used as a village hall.

It was a cavernous room with large oak beams and an extremely creaky floor which added a very dramatic effect to meetings and ceremonies.

Since the Consecration meeting our summons has depicted the St. Peters Cross with Village Cage (a Grade 1 Listed Building) which stands in Plaistow Street, Lingfield, Surrey. The cross was built circa 1437 as a boundary marker with the cage added in 1773.

The former village cage was used for locking up wrongdoers and was last used in 1882.

The Cross and cage form an important focal point by the Village pond.

Social Life

At Lingfield Lodge friends and family are very much encouraged to join in and enjoy the social side of lodge membership.

We hold a number of events during the year.

The highlight of the year is usually the Ladies Festival weekend, normally held in November.


Like other Surrey Freemasons, the members of Lingfield Lodge are very much involved with supporting local and national charities, raising funds for good causes both masonic and non-masonic, for the benefit of the whole community.

These include the Masonic charities such as the Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution, James Terry Court and Shannon Court providing care to elderly freemasons, their families and dependents.

Lodge Costs

At Lingfield Lodge there is a one-off joining and registration fee of £100 (this is set down by and passed directly on to the Grand Lodge).

Annual membership of the lodge costs £175 which covers some lodge expenses and includes our annual subscriptions to Provincial Grand Lodge and the United Grand Lodge of England.

Dinner at each meeting costs about £26, including wine.

The annual cost for each member of the lodge is about £201 a year.

Meeting Place:

Nutfield Masonic Centre,
Nutfield Rd,

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