My name is Maks Harloff-Bernyk.

I am a civil/structural engineer and I live in the beautiful town of Godalming, in Surrey.

When I was introduced to Freemasonry, I was 22 years old and just began studying for my master’s degree at the University of Surrey.

I was initiated to the craft through United Grand Lodge of England University Scheme in 2013, at Onslow Lodge 2234 based in Guildford, Surrey.

Joining Freemasonry has helped me meet many people from different walks of life, shaped me as an individual, as well as build my confidence.

I enjoy Freemasonry by interacting with different people the craft brings together.

By sharing my journey and experiences with like-minded people, who have chosen to take the same step as me, in becoming a better individual.

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Maks Harloff-Bernyk
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